Breyer Club Models

Meet two of the newest Breyer club models. First up is a Stablemates club model Zahrat.


“Glossy and dappled, this beautiful rearing Arabian will be a lovely addition to your collection! His beautiful shading and mirror like finish bring out the details in his musculature and finely sculpted mane and tail. The spirit and energy of the Arabian breed is on full display with Zahrat!”

zahrat1 zahrat2

Next up is Cypress. She is an exclusive to the 2017 Vintage Club


“The Connemara pony is one of Breyer’s newest molds, sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz and released for the premier club in 2014. Cypress represents both past and future, combining a fresh new sculpture with the truly vintage woodgrain color. The old style packaging adds to the retro feel. Cypress is sure to add a touch of charm to any décor!”

cypres2017vintages cypres2017vintages2

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