Mare & Foal


Meet the newest Breyer horses which are the 4th release from the America the Beautiful Series! You have to be a collector club member to enter in to try to win them on Breyer’s website. Only 350 collectors will be able to take them home. I have been lucky so far with the other 3 from the series so I hope I get picked for this set too!


“In southern Utah, there is a fantasy land of strange and wonderful places, winding slot canyons, towers of rocks that stand like sentinels of the desert. High sandstone cliffs ripple with color. Hot desert sun reflects off rocks, while cool canyons offer relief. These magnificent parks are a delight to hikers and adventurers from around the globe. This rich western landscape inspired Zion and Moab, a striking bay dun overo mare and foal. The gentle nuzzling mare and her newborn have distinctive dun striping, wild pinto patterns, and the baby sports blue eyes. The mare is marked with Zion and Moab on her belly in gold.”

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