Pony of the Americas Test Piece

Check out another exclusive one of one Breyer model! I LOVE her!!

testcwp2 testcwp3

“The Cantering Welsh Pony is an all-time fan favorite.  Athletic and cute with her braided mane and tail, she’s come in a variety of colors through the years since her debut in the 1970s.  This freehand bay leopard appaloosa pattern is a test run created in the last five years.  She sports a pink muzzle, striped hooves, bi-colored eyes and the CHESS mold mark on the inside right hind leg. She’s in top condition with no visible flaws.  Her pretty painted coat is truly unique! “

testcwp4 testcwp5

“Exclusively for Breyer Collector Club members! Breyer test run models are initial decos painted up to see how a particular color might look on a particular sculpture. Or, they may be created to test out a painting technique or new colorway. Not all test run models are used, and they may vary over time as different painting techniques are developed and tested. Test run models are sold as is, with several photos and descriptions of any wear. We’ve decided not to attempt to touch up older test runs as we’ve found that this can alter their character and uniqueness. Each model has a fixed price and interested members enter a random draw for the ability to purchase the test piece. We enjoy sharing these special pieces with you and hope you enjoy them!”


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