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2017 Classic Breyers

Want a closer look at the new 2017 Breyer classic model horses? Check out my newest haul video below:


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Valentines Day Gab Bag

Wondering what is inside of the 2017 Valentines Day Gab Bag? Check out the video below 😉 You get $100 worth of random Breyer items for $50. What did I get in my box?


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Coeur de Lion


Meet Coeur De Lion Breyers newest 2016 web exclusive model! This cute classice sized Breyer model was inspired by the traditional sized Lionheart. Breyer describes Coeur De Lion’s coloring as “a rich dunalino with metallic accents also has primitive leg barring and a dorsal stripe all topped off with a spotted blanket and heavy gloss.” I placed an order for him! Can’t wait to see him!




What a cutie!!!


Here is the inspiration: Lionheart the special limited edition model for brick & mortar Flagship stores.

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