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New Breyer Horse

Wow! All I can say is wow about this new Breyer model. Meet Duende, a brand new sculpt that will be only available in the Breyer Premier club for 2017.  I am in love with everything about this horse: the dapples, his mane color, his expression, his pose, everything!

I can’t wait until he is released later this year. He will be the second release for the Premier Club this year.



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2018 Sneak Peak

Is has given a sneak peak to Vintage Club members to pick our favorite Semi-Rearing Mustang from these 3 horses to add in for the Vintage Club 2018 lineup.


“We love his retro glossy palomino with eyewhites….and he looks so cool in vintage Breyer “Pony of the Americas” appaloosa. Diablo also rocks a riff of the Indian Pony’s hand-airbrushed pinto colorway, this time in black – complete with war paint! Which would you love to have in your collection?”

What color do you like?

Semi-Rear-Appaloosa-WEB Semi-Rear-Glossy-Palomino-WEB Semi-Rear-Pinto-WEB

I’m loving the Appaloosa. We will see next year which one gets picked for the club!

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Breyer Club Models

Meet two of the newest Breyer club models. First up is a Stablemates club model Zahrat.


“Glossy and dappled, this beautiful rearing Arabian will be a lovely addition to your collection! His beautiful shading and mirror like finish bring out the details in his musculature and finely sculpted mane and tail. The spirit and energy of the Arabian breed is on full display with Zahrat!”

zahrat1 zahrat2

Next up is Cypress. She is an exclusive to the 2017 Vintage Club


“The Connemara pony is one of Breyer’s newest molds, sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz and released for the premier club in 2014. Cypress represents both past and future, combining a fresh new sculpture with the truly vintage woodgrain color. The old style packaging adds to the retro feel. Cypress is sure to add a touch of charm to any décor!”

cypres2017vintages cypres2017vintages2

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Web Special Wailua

The second release for the Breyer 2017 web special runs American The Beautiful series is up on their website. Meet Wailua!


“Beautiful Wailua captures the soft grey splash of the twin falls known as Wailua Falls on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Wailua is also home to NouNou Mountains (also known as the Sleeping Giant) that divides the island, and the 20-mile long Wailua River. This striking Andalusian with soft dapples and dark points was inspired by the mists of this lush tropical paradise. His high gloss finish is a rare feature on the Legionario mold! Pad printed on the belly with Wailua 2017.”

There are only 350 of him made! $165 on Breyers website for a limited time only.

wa2 wa3 wa4 wa5

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America the Beautiful series


Breyer is doing a America the Beautiful series for 2017!

“A series of Breyer horses celebrating the places that make America so spectacular. From deep, dry canyons to soaring snow capped mountains, to rolling hills and plunging waterfalls, these beautiful horses will encourage you to explore. Enjoy a wide variety of beautiful horses celebrating our country’s amazingly diverse landscape. Each model to feature a custom designed logo on its belly!  “



“First in the Series: Rainier. The highest mountain in the Cascades, Mount Rainier sits high above the booming city of Seattle, Washington. This ice-topped mountain is an actual active volcano area! Rainier’s patchwork coat invokes the image of a snowy glacial mountaintop contrasted with dark volcanic rock. His sturdy draft build, ice blue eyes and silver horseshoes add to his beautiful detailing. He is marked Rainier 2017 on his belly in gold.”



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Breyer Christmas Horses


Breyer has a surprise for collector club members this Christmas morning! Meet the 3 limited edition decorator horses Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. It will be a surprise which one arrives for those members who ordered. I’m in love with all 3 colors and can’t decide which one I love more! Can’t wait to see which color I get. There are only 350 of these made.

What do you think of the holiday stallions?




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Vintage Club 2017

Next years Vintage club is going to be good! Breyer has released a photo of the horses colored in. In their first released photo only the draft set had color while the others were still black and white. Check out the 2017 colors:


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Winter Avalanche


Its an avalanche of adorableness! Meet Avalanche Breyers newest 2016’s Collector Club Winter Web Special! First, I love the color! She is a silver filigreed decorator and I’m sure there are going to be lots of cool variation in her coat pattern on each model. Next, I am in love with her pose. She is on the Working Cow Horse (or Bobby Jo as I know her) model which is pretty new to the Breyer line.

Here is how Breyer describes her “Like the winter winds during a snow storm Avalanche is going to whip her way into your hearts with her beautifully high glossed silver filigreed coat; reminiscent of Breyer’s vintage decorator roots. Avalanche is sure to be the cure for the winter blues!”


There are only 350 worldwide and available only to the lucky few chosen to buy her.

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2017 Stablemates Club

Epppp!!! I’m excited about next years Breyer Stablemates Club! The first model to be revealed for the club is Coco “a stunning bay sabino G1 Thoroughbred mare in rich and beautiful high gloss finish.” There will be 5 more releases every other month in 2017. Just like this year there is going to be a Gambler’s Choice where each member will be mailed one of 4 colored models. It is unknown which one you get until you open it. There is also going to be another brand new model and a translucent clearware decorator!!!!!!!!

stablemates-2017-email2 stablemates-2017-email3 stablemates-2017-email4 stablemates-2017-email

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Giddy up and get ready for Gideon the new Breyer horse collector club web exclusive model! Beautiful Paint horse with amazing coloring and shading. You can only pick this cutie up from Breyers website for a limited time only.


gid2 gid3 gid4

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