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Vintage Club 2017

Next years Vintage club is going to be good! Breyer has released a photo of the horses colored in. In their first released photo only the draft set had color while the others were still black and white. Check out the 2017 colors:


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Winter Avalanche


Its an avalanche of adorableness! Meet Avalanche Breyers newest 2016’s Collector Club Winter Web Special! First, I love the color! She is a silver filigreed decorator and I’m sure there are going to be lots of cool variation in her coat pattern on each model. Next, I am in love with her pose. She is on the Working Cow Horse (or Bobby Jo as I know her) model which is pretty new to the Breyer line.

Here is how Breyer describes her “Like the winter winds during a snow storm Avalanche is going to whip her way into your hearts with her beautifully high glossed silver filigreed coat; reminiscent of Breyer’s vintage decorator roots. Avalanche is sure to be the cure for the winter blues!”


There are only 350 worldwide and available only to the lucky few chosen to buy her.

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2017 Stablemates Club

Epppp!!! I’m excited about next years Breyer Stablemates Club! The first model to be revealed for the club is Coco “a stunning bay sabino G1 Thoroughbred mare in rich and beautiful high gloss finish.” There will be 5 more releases every other month in 2017. Just like this year there is going to be a Gambler’s Choice where each member will be mailed one of 4 colored models. It is unknown which one you get until you open it. There is also going to be another brand new model and a translucent clearware decorator!!!!!!!!

stablemates-2017-email2 stablemates-2017-email3 stablemates-2017-email4 stablemates-2017-email

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Giddy up and get ready for Gideon the new Breyer horse collector club web exclusive model! Beautiful Paint horse with amazing coloring and shading. You can only pick this cutie up from Breyers website for a limited time only.


gid2 gid3 gid4

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Check out this dreamy horse that is being released next month for the Premier Club: Yasmin! She is the last horse for this years Premier Club members to receive. I totally wished I joined this year as I have been in love with all 3 models!


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True North


I am very tempted to join Breyer Horses Premier Club for 2017. Check out the first model that will be released in 2017 to kick off the club in the new year: True North! He really is stunning with that paint job. I have not been a Premier Club member but I have really enjoyed being in the Vintage club and Stablemates club. I actually just renewed my Vintage Club membership but I’m interested in joining this club too for 2017. I have loved both Premier Club 2016 horses Geronimo and Shannondell so far, so I’m sure the 2017 horses are going to be just as amazing.



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2017 Vintage Club

Breyer has revealed the 2017 Vintage Club horses! Next year’s line up has lots of dreamy horse colors, finishes, and extras!


The black and white photo shows all the horses including the free twin Stablemates foals at the bottom right. The Clydesdale mare and foal, Blossom and Belle, are a beautiful chestnut pinto with blue blankets. Sham model Arabian in glossy sabino pinto deco color and will come with vintage style Arabian halter. Classic sized Quarter Horse Family (stallion, mare and foal!) in overo pinto patterns. The gamblers choice Family Arabian Stallion will come in 4 different vintage decorator colors to collect and will be a surprise which one is mailed to each club member!


All the horses will have blue ribbon stickers, come in vintage handle carry case boxes along with Certificate of Authenticity and Booklet full of fun facts from the era.

There will also be an opportunity to purchase an exclusive special run model that you can only get through the 2017 Vintage club! This years exclusive horse was Charlie:

Make sure you are subscribed to Honeyheartsc youtube to get a detailed look at the models as I unbox each as they are released.


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Not that I really needed a reason to renew my Breyer Collectors Club membership, but I’m totally over the moon over this new model: Moondance! Moondance is the 2017 Collectors Club exclusive model! She is a super dreamy chestnut pinto on the Mustang mare mold who so far has only been released in other colors for the Premier Club as Forever Saige and Namid the 2016 Breyerfest Special Run model. Can’t wait for her to be released next year!



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Ricochet Breyer Stablemates Club Release

Yes!!!! Ok I’m beyond exclited about Ricochet the 4th release from the Stablemates Club! This is the surprise decorator model and its…… PINK! Dreamy!! Here is how Breyer describles Ricochet:

“Resplendent in pearl and shimmery pink, Richochet is a pretty decorator with a lacy dappled pattern. Exclusively available to Stablemates Club members!”

I’m super excited and I can’t wait to do a review video on this sweet cutie!

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