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Happy 2017

Happy New Year mini fans!!! Join in on all the fun as Breyer Traditional models ring in the new year with a fun party!!!

I am so excited 2017 is here! I can’t wait to share more horse crazy fun videos with you daily on Honeyheartsc Youtube! Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a single video!


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2017 Holiday Horses

2017 is just beginning but check out the new horses from Breyers 2017 holiday collection that will be arriving at the end of the year:

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Breyer Christmas Horses


Breyer has a surprise for collector club members this Christmas morning! Meet the 3 limited edition decorator horses Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. It will be a surprise which one arrives for those members who ordered. I’m in love with all 3 colors and can’t decide which one I love more! Can’t wait to see which color I get. There are only 350 of these made.

What do you think of the holiday stallions?




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2017 Breyer Horses

2017 is almost here!!! I can’t wait for these new Breyer horses to be released. Check out the newest horses coming in 2017!!! Which ones are your favorite?

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As the season gets colder, Olaf is here to warm up the frozen nights. Olaf is a Breyer Horses web exclusive only! Limited to 350 pieces, he is a gorgeous Texas Longhorn Bull in alabaster, with light shading on his body and horns, and he is super glossy!


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2017 Bandera

Oooh 2017 is looking soo good already. Here is another release from the 2017 Breyer horse lineup, meet Bandera. He is on the newer Geronimo model that was released just this year only in the Premier Club. Drooling! His name means “flag” in Spanish and he  represents the American West with ranch brands and symbols all over his metallic coat.


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Crystal and Crispin


There is a new mare and foal set that you can welcome into your stable this holiday season! Crystal and Crispin are the new Breyer horse web special mare and foal set. You can only get them on Breyers website.  Check out those fresh new coat colors on these two vintage molds.


Crystal has stunning dapple grey coloring! Look at all those dapples!


Crispin has lovely dark grey coloring!

cc2 cc1

They both come with blue snowflake blankets to keep them warm from the cold as they nibble on delicious treats together.

“With their rich dapple grey coats Crystal and her foal Crispin are sure to bring holiday cheer to all. Wrapped in lovely snowflake blankets, this beautiful mare and her newborn foal are truly a special gift! 1/9 scale and comes in a mail order box.”

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Winter Avalanche


Its an avalanche of adorableness! Meet Avalanche Breyers newest 2016’s Collector Club Winter Web Special! First, I love the color! She is a silver filigreed decorator and I’m sure there are going to be lots of cool variation in her coat pattern on each model. Next, I am in love with her pose. She is on the Working Cow Horse (or Bobby Jo as I know her) model which is pretty new to the Breyer line.

Here is how Breyer describes her “Like the winter winds during a snow storm Avalanche is going to whip her way into your hearts with her beautifully high glossed silver filigreed coat; reminiscent of Breyer’s vintage decorator roots. Avalanche is sure to be the cure for the winter blues!”


There are only 350 worldwide and available only to the lucky few chosen to buy her.

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Bay Appaloosa Test Run Model


Time to drool… Breyer has revealed another very special web exclusive available for one lucky collector club member to win and purchase for $850. Why so expensive? These one of a kind models are test run pieces used to try out new paint techniques or a new color on a model. And there is only 1 of her! 🙂

This awesome model is on the Traditional sized Draft Mare and Breyer describes her color as “splatter spots in a semi-leopard coat, a variegated black and white mane and four high socks” and she is glossy!

I think she looks really cool in this spotted coloring.

swissroll2 swissroll3 swissroll4 swissroll5

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Happy November


November is here so lets welcome in the holidays by checking out the 2016 Breyer Holiday horse Woodland Splendor! Beautifully colored horse on the Lonesome Glory mold, he is super decked out for the holidays. He has a thick blanket decorated with pine-cones, holly, glitter and ribbons.

Let the happy holidays begin….

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