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Happy Easter

I hope everyone has the most amazing Easter!!! Hugs !!!

comment happy easter honey

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Awesome Fan Art

I have updated the Fans page. Check it out to see the amazing fan art mailed in by my fans.


more 036

Click the “Fans” tab above for more. I’ll be updating the fan art page often so if you have mailed in fan art you could see it posted 🙂

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Wonder Woman And Horses

Ok check out what is coming out soon for Barbie in celebration to the new Wonder Woman movie coming out this June!


Diana is riding on her beautiful black horse with gold tack.


Queen Hippolyta rides on a white horse with honey colored mane and tail.

Sure the dolls look a little bit big for the horses (and where are the reins?) but its cool seeing new Barbie horses with unique tack. Coming June 2017!! Exciting!

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Spirit Riding Free

Breyer is coming out with some new horses celebrating the new Netflix series Spirit Riding Free, a show inspired by the Spirit Stallion of the Cimmeron movie.

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2017 Holiday Horses

2017 is just beginning but check out the new horses from Breyers 2017 holiday collection that will be arriving at the end of the year:

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Breyer Christmas Horses


Breyer has a surprise for collector club members this Christmas morning! Meet the 3 limited edition decorator horses Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. It will be a surprise which one arrives for those members who ordered. I’m in love with all 3 colors and can’t decide which one I love more! Can’t wait to see which color I get. There are only 350 of these made.

What do you think of the holiday stallions?




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2017 Breyer Horses

2017 is almost here!!! I can’t wait for these new Breyer horses to be released. Check out the newest horses coming in 2017!!! Which ones are your favorite?

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Hi mini fans! I hope everyone had the most wonderful Thanksgiving ever this year! Mine sure was yummy. If you are reading this, please know that I was thinking of you and I’m so thankful that you are here and enjoying my videos. Hugs!!

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Early Black Friday

Black Friday, the biggest sale shopping day of the year, is almost here and Breyer is giving an early peek into their sales bin. Check it out below. I already made an order:

sale1 sale2 sale3sale4


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2017 Vintage Club

Breyer has revealed the 2017 Vintage Club horses! Next year’s line up has lots of dreamy horse colors, finishes, and extras!


The black and white photo shows all the horses including the free twin Stablemates foals at the bottom right. The Clydesdale mare and foal, Blossom and Belle, are a beautiful chestnut pinto with blue blankets. Sham model Arabian in glossy sabino pinto deco color and will come with vintage style Arabian halter. Classic sized Quarter Horse Family (stallion, mare and foal!) in overo pinto patterns. The gamblers choice Family Arabian Stallion will come in 4 different vintage decorator colors to collect and will be a surprise which one is mailed to each club member!


All the horses will have blue ribbon stickers, come in vintage handle carry case boxes along with Certificate of Authenticity and Booklet full of fun facts from the era.

There will also be an opportunity to purchase an exclusive special run model that you can only get through the 2017 Vintage club! This years exclusive horse was Charlie:

Make sure you are subscribed to Honeyheartsc youtube to get a detailed look at the models as I unbox each as they are released.


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