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Hi mini fans! I hope everyone had the most wonderful Thanksgiving ever this year! Mine sure was yummy. If you are reading this, please know that I was thinking of you and I’m so thankful that you are here and enjoying my videos. Hugs!!

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Early Black Friday

Black Friday, the biggest sale shopping day of the year, is almost here and Breyer is giving an early peek into their sales bin. Check it out below. I already made an order:

sale1 sale2 sale3sale4


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2017 Vintage Club

Breyer has revealed the 2017 Vintage Club horses! Next year’s line up has lots of dreamy horse colors, finishes, and extras!


The black and white photo shows all the horses including the free twin Stablemates foals at the bottom right. The Clydesdale mare and foal, Blossom and Belle, are a beautiful chestnut pinto with blue blankets. Sham model Arabian in glossy sabino pinto deco color and will come with vintage style Arabian halter. Classic sized Quarter Horse Family (stallion, mare and foal!) in overo pinto patterns. The gamblers choice Family Arabian Stallion will come in 4 different vintage decorator colors to collect and will be a surprise which one is mailed to each club member!


All the horses will have blue ribbon stickers, come in vintage handle carry case boxes along with Certificate of Authenticity and Booklet full of fun facts from the era.

There will also be an opportunity to purchase an exclusive special run model that you can only get through the 2017 Vintage club! This years exclusive horse was Charlie:

Make sure you are subscribed to Honeyheartsc youtube to get a detailed look at the models as I unbox each as they are released.


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Toy Hunt

Oooh Halloween is near, I really enjoyed checking out all the spooky fun Halloween decorations during my last toy hunt. Join me as I search for horses:

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New Breyers Out

Here are a few more Breyer horses that Im super excited to find. I love the colors on both sets of horses:


Breyer says “Meet the first of two adorable Wild Mustang sets (Item 300352) available now through select Blains, Midstates and Mills Fleet Farm retailers. This cute duo features a roan horse with a chestnut foal!”


Chestnut Leopard Appaloosa stallion and Bay Leopard Appaloosa foal

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New Horses

I’m so excited about new horses that are new and coming soon! Check out whats new with Schleich, Safari, Breyer and more in the video below:

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Not that I really needed a reason to renew my Breyer Collectors Club membership, but I’m totally over the moon over this new model: Moondance! Moondance is the 2017 Collectors Club exclusive model! She is a super dreamy chestnut pinto on the Mustang mare mold who so far has only been released in other colors for the Premier Club as Forever Saige and Namid the 2016 Breyerfest Special Run model. Can’t wait for her to be released next year!



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New Breyer Horses For Fall 2016

Happy dance time! There are new Breyer horses coming out by the end of this year! Let’s meet the new fall line up:

va02 va03

Gold Valegro – Limited to 3,000 pieces “In honor of Valegro’s outstanding achievement at the 2016 Rio Games, Breyer is introducing a very special edition gold Valegro! Valegro once again proved that he is the best in the world by winning individual gold and team silver for Britain at the 2016 Olympics in the sport of dressage. At age 15, this uber-talented Dutch Warmblood gelding has won it all!”

No surprise I love decorators but there is something super special about an all gold horse. He looks like a horse trophy on that black base stand. A must for my collection.


Xavier Mystical Unicorn Stallion- YES!!! Love how this model looks as a unicorn! Pearly white coloring with lots of light shading details, he almost looks purple/pink in the photos.  LOVE!!!

glo01 glo02

Glorioso Special Edition Brick and Mortor Only Horse – Limited to 2,500 Pieces- Grullo Andalusian with some seriously cool shading (check out those legs and tail!). He will not be sold online so you have to go to your local breyer store to find him.


Chance- Limited Edition Mid-States Release, red dun American Paint Horse. Super nice coloring on this one. I really like the mold too, I think the color goes well. Can’t wait to get this one (wish list, check!)


BHR Breyants Jake- Well he is not a new horse that has not been seen since he was part of the midyear line up. His release was delayed so he has yet to be released. Hopefully he makes it out for the fall. I’m really looking forward to this one too.


Woodland Splendor – 2016 Holiday Horse. He is totally decked out in holiday wood themed. Thick fur lined plaid holiday blanket, gold beaded halter and dazzled out in feathers pine cones and leaves.

Lots of Holiday goodies: Check out my review video to see some amazing Breyer holiday ornaments coming out this year! 🙂


Hilltop Stable- The perfect place for building a barn for your classic sized Breyer models. Wood box stall with 3 windows and sliding door you can buy more and place each stall side by side or facing each other to grow your stable. Because its made out of wood you can paint the stall any color you would like! Pretty cool!

Which Fall release Breyer is your favorite?

  • Xavier the Unicorn (36%, 259 Votes)
  • Glorioso (24%, 172 Votes)
  • Chance (21%, 148 Votes)
  • Gold Valegro (10%, 70 Votes)
  • Woodland Splendor (9%, 63 Votes)

Total Voters: 712

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Ricochet Breyer Stablemates Club Release

Yes!!!! Ok I’m beyond exclited about Ricochet the 4th release from the Stablemates Club! This is the surprise decorator model and its…… PINK! Dreamy!! Here is how Breyer describles Ricochet:

“Resplendent in pearl and shimmery pink, Richochet is a pretty decorator with a lacy dappled pattern. Exclusively available to Stablemates Club members!”

I’m super excited and I can’t wait to do a review video on this sweet cutie!

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