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I’m excited for Breyerwest the west coast version of Breyerfest! Looks like next years Breyerewest will be in Albany Oragon. Those going will be lucky enough to see lots of beautiful Breyer models and a sneak peak of the Special Run models.


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Last Day for Freebie

Its the last day to enter for the freebie mini fans! Check below a few post down for the info on Platinum Star. I will announce the winner in tomorrows Honeyheartsc video and here on the blog. Yay!!!
platinum star
He will have a new mini fan owner tomorrow 🙂


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Breyer Horses Web Special Triton

Breyer has a new stunning model, meet Triton the web special exclusive! I LOVE the Shire classic mold so this one is a YES for me and on my wishlist! And that leopard appaloosa coloring with the blue ribbons looks so amazing! I can’t wait to get one for my collection.
unnamed (1) Web Exclusive

“With his proud pose and loud leopard appaloosa coat, Triton is sure to catch everyone’s eye. He sports blue bows in his mane and tail which accent his rich shading and high gloss finish. 1/12 scale and comes in a mail order box.”
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Mini Fans Meet and Greet

I just posted the video of all the wonderful fan mail that was given to me at my Breyerfest 2016 meet and greet. Thank you so much to the amazing mini fans (and mini fan parents/family) for coming out to Breyerfest and seeing me. It was beyond amazing to talk and take photos with my fans. Thank you thank you so much for being the sweetest ever! I love all the fan gifts that were given to me (custom painted horses, surprise blind bags, amazing drawings, sweet letters, everything!) My horse Sugar even got her first fan mail drawing!!! I will treasure everything and I can’t wait to use gifts in my videos!
Check out the video below for more!
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Breyerfest Special Run 2016 Haul

Breyer had the most beautiful special runs for this years 2016 Breyerfest event!

Check out the haul video below to see all 8 of the models up close and check out 2 of the Samba Surprise horses! Which ones did I get?

As a special thank you for being an awesome mini fan I would love to mail the 2014 Breyerfest special run Platinum Star to one lucky mini fan!
You must be 18 or older to claim the prize. If winner is under 18 a parent must be the one to email me the address to mail the prize. To enter, enter your youtube or instagram name below to get started and answer the 3 questions. Your youtube or instagram name is how winner will be announced in a Youtube video and on blog. I will pay all cost to ship Freebie model to the lucky winner. Freebie ends 8/6/16 at 11:59 PM PT.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Thank you again for being the best fans ever!!
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Back From Breyerfest

Wow I just got home from Breyerfest!! This was the best year by far! Breyer was super kind to host my official Honeyheartsc meet and greet and I got to meet my amazing mini fans! I’m still editing all the video clips so I hope to have that video up soon. I tried to edit at the hotel but all I could get out was snip its from my trip. Check out the super quick Breyerfest videos below and don’t forget to check back for the full Breyerfest trip video:



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Freebie Breyer Winner

Ok I just emailed the winner of the Breyer freebie. I can’t post the winner here since its by email address, please check your email to see if you won. Don’t forget to keep checking back, I love to share with my mini fans and I will be doing more freebie giveaways soon!

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Honeyheartsc Celebrates 100,000 Subbies

Wow 100,000 subscribers!!!!!!! I can’t believe it! Thank you to all my sweet wonderful fans for being a part of my life and letting me be a part of yours. The Honeyheartsc channel has officially over one hundred thousand subscribers! And the channel has almost has 60 million views worldwide! Amazing!!!
I will be celebrating with more freebies coming soon. I have a freebie Breyer horse that ends tonight so don’t forget to enter a few posts below for Chocolate Chip Kisses!
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Mid Year Breyer Horses

Have you seen the newest Breyer Horses: Check out traditional models Svali Frá Tjörn (who will be at Breyerfest 216) , Brunello, National Reining Horse 50th Anniversary Special, and Poltergeist – 2016 Halloween Horse that glows in the dark! Check out the review video below to see them in hand:
I can’t wait until Bryants Jake comes out too, since he is part of the 2016 mid year release lineup too. Check back soon for more videos.


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The Blog Is Back

Hi mini fan!!! My Blog is back. This is my little space on the web to post news and info that may get missed in one of my videos. Keep checking back for more info. So to celebrate my blog being active again I would love to share a Breyer with you. If you are a big mini fan then this freebie is for you. My Breyer Chocolate Chip Kisses would like a new home. I would like to mail him to one lucky mini fan. You must be 18 or older to enter and claim prize. I will ship him anywhere in the world and pay all shipping cost as a thank you for being a mini fan! You can watch the review video of him below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Freebie will end Friday 7/15/16 at midnight PT.  I will email the winner by Saturday at noon PT.
Enter above if you would like to win Chocolate Chip Kisses:
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