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Breyer ARGYLE! 2015 Brick & Mortar special

Breyer is making sure that 2015 is going to be amazing. Argyle is going to be the new 2015 Brick & Mortar Store Special! He is on the Othello mold. Check out those stunning dapples! Wowz!

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Breyer 2015 Holiday Horse Peppermint Kiss

Breyer is giving us an early sweet treat for next Christmas, yes…. Christmas 2015 already?!
Peppermint Kiss is going to be the Holiday Horse for next year.
A stunning dark traditional horse on the Gem Twist mold dressed in a red blanket with white fluff, long red and white ribbons on tail, and lots of peppermint candies including yummy candy canes stuffed in a pouch.
I wonder what a Peppermint Kiss inspired Mini Whinnies would look like?………


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2015 Breyer Releases

Looks like Breyer is gearing up for an amazing year for 2015. Lots of new horses will be released soon included some colorful horses like Classic size Butterfly Kisses and Traditional Hope Autism Horse.
I’m super excited about the Stablemates surprise blind bag painting kits. There are 4 stablemates to collect and it will be unknown which one you get in each pack. The Stablemate will be blank (all white) and comes with paint brush and paints so you can customize your horse any way you want.
Check out the full 2015 Breyer line up below:
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Holidays Are Here!

Yay! It’s December 1st! I’m so happy that the holidays are here! Breyer has been releasing lots of new horses just in time for gift giving. I’m crossing my fingers that Breyer is going to release some new Mini Whinnies for 2015…. or maybe a new set before Christmas.

Breyer has released a beautiful Traditional mare and foal set Vixen and Blitzen. Check out the review for them! Hugs!

Review Video:



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Breyer 10K Sub Special Contest Winners

Contest winners will be posted today. I’m waiting for the video to finish uploading 🙂
(I had meant to have the video posted on Saturday but I ran into some issues with the comments not loading since they were on approval only and the random video name picker kept saying that there were no comments. Soooo I had to approve all entries then wait til the picker detected over 150 comments.)
Yay so the winners will be posted soon. I added an extra surprise: I picked 2 extra winners! Yes so instead of 3 winners there are 5! Yay!!!

Look out for the video coming soon to my youtube!

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Almost 10,000 Breyer Subscribers

I can’t believe my eyes…. Honeyhearts27 is about to hit 10,000 subscribers on Youtube. I am so happy that so many people are enjoying my videos. This is a dream!
When I officially hit 10,000 subbies I will do a giveaway to celebrate!!!!!!
Wow!!! Thank you so much Mini Fans!!!


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New Video Coming Soon

Yay I got to film some of my Breyer Mini Whinnies series today. I really hope you like it. I’ll be editing tonight so I can post it tomorrow on Youtube. Check it out and let me know what you think!  🙂

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Stallion Auditions

Wow I’m so happy had some many stallions entered my “Stallion Auditions” for Music Maid (Sara Moniet) video. I was just going to make up my own fake stallion profiles at first, but then I got the idea that my subscribers may want to have their stallions in a video.

I am working on making profiles for all the stallions who entered right now.
I am creating profiles for each one based on the info sent in by their owners, then I’m going to have Music Maid react to each profile.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter. I’m very sorry for those who didn’t get to enter because I closed the auditions early due to having so many entries.
I’m going to film another Online Dating video before I film the video with the actual stallion profiles, so look out for that video soon. Talk to you all later mini fans!


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Breyerfest 2014

Breyerfest 2014 looks like soo much fun! 
I really want to meet my Mini Fans and look at all the model horses there!
I bet it’s going to be one heck of a horse party!
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New Video :)

Well it’s about time since I posted a Breakup episode. I’m so sorry it has been so long. I’m trying my best to get series videos up quick. How do you like the video? Tyrin just needs to pick which mare he wants to be with, right?
Breakup may be coming to an end, it’s at 22 episodes now. Wow! Maybe I’ll do a second season later on. Let me know your thoughts  in the youtube comments section. Talk to you soon Mini Fanz.

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