Warmblood Test Run

Check out another one of a kind Breyer offered to purchase for one lucky club member.


“The action-packed Show Jumping Warmblood has had many test colors over the years. With his keen attitude and athletic stride, he wears a variety of hues well! This particular test run was painted circa early 2000’s. He’s a very well done splatter roan chestnut with three small socks with character, and a unique lightning blaze. His tri-eyes sport a U-shaped brown iris and eyewhites in the back corners of his eyes. He’s really nicely shaded on both the body and the mane and tail, with slightly darker lower legs and grey shading on the bottoms of his hooves. This fellow has a couple of irregular paint spots on his chest (visible in photos) and underneath (not shown). He also has a slightly rougher texture on his back from the way he was buffed. Overall, he’s a super looking test! He comes with standard clear base.”

wb1 wb2 wb3 wb4

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More Spirit Horses

spirit riding free horses set boxes

spirit riding free horses set riders

spirit riding free horses set horse classic size

Check out even more awesome horses from the Netflix series Spirit Riding Free!!!!


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Star Stable

comment star stable today

Ready for some more Star Stable game play? I know lots of mini fans have been requesting me to play so I hope you enjoy the newest video 😀

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Fylkir Stablemates Club


Here is the 4th release for the 2017 Stablemates club! Only one will be shipped to each club member but which color will you get? I can’t wait to see. I’m really loving all but I think the black one is super cool!

“It’s a colorful gambler’s choice with Fylkir, a lovely Icelandic! Stablemates Club members will receive one randomly shipped piece. Which one will you receive? Fylkir sports the following coat colors: glossy, pearly shaded silver black; bay splash pinto; dunalino complete with dorsal stripe and leg striping; and bay roan appaloosa spotted.”


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Spirit Riding Free Blind Bags

Get ready to meet some new horses from the Netflix series (The series is inspired by the movie Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron) Spirit Riding Free! Can I find all 8 surprise blind bag horses including Spirit, Boomerang and Chica Linda and horses from season 2?

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New Copperfox Horses

You can now preorder the newest Copperfox models! Check out these two beautiful horses! Toby is a dappled grey sport horse and the chestnut Welsh Cob is Rupert! They each come in matt or glossy and are super limited.

copperfox new

Check out www.copperfoxmodelhorses.com to get yours!


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Foaling Fear

Is the new baby sick or is Siberica just worried about her foal?

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Unicorn Surprise

Three Unicorn Surprise plush are going to have babies! But how many babies are inside? 3? 4? 5? Will they be boy or girl foals? Watch and see…. 😀

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Christmas In July

I love sales! Breyer is having a Christmas in July sale going on on their website with some really good deals. You can get a traditional sized horse for under $13 and a lot of 12 zodiac classic models for $99!!! The deals are crazy I can’t pass up a sale this good!!


christmasjuly2 christmasjuly3 christmasjuly4 christmasjuly5 christmasjuly6 christmasjuly7

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Mare & Foal


Meet the newest Breyer horses which are the 4th release from the America the Beautiful Series! You have to be a collector club member to enter in to try to win them on Breyer’s website. Only 350 collectors will be able to take them home. I have been lucky so far with the other 3 from the series so I hope I get picked for this set too!


“In southern Utah, there is a fantasy land of strange and wonderful places, winding slot canyons, towers of rocks that stand like sentinels of the desert. High sandstone cliffs ripple with color. Hot desert sun reflects off rocks, while cool canyons offer relief. These magnificent parks are a delight to hikers and adventurers from around the globe. This rich western landscape inspired Zion and Moab, a striking bay dun overo mare and foal. The gentle nuzzling mare and her newborn have distinctive dun striping, wild pinto patterns, and the baby sports blue eyes. The mare is marked with Zion and Moab on her belly in gold.”

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