2018 Club Model


fletcher 2

Here is a sneak peak of the first Breyer horse for 2018! Meet Fletcher the glossy appaloosa! He will be available only to Breyer Club members in 2018! Who else is joining?

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My Life As Mini Horses

I love collecting horses, so of course I was excited to find mini horses from the My Life As Walmart brand. You can brush and style the horses manes and tails or tack them up for a ride. Check them out in the review video below:

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Star Stable

It’s Star Stable time! Come ride along with me 😀

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Halloween Horses

Breyer is giving us a Halloween treat early. Meet the new Breyer Halloween horses:


This is Goblin and she is a classic sized glow in the dark model with fun alien looking like goblins on her sides.

gob2 gob3

“Silly goblins and iridescent paints make this a must-have Halloween collectible! Hold Goblin to light, and in darkness she glows purple! Marked Halloween 2017 on the belly, this whimsical mare is ready to delight all ages.”

If you haven’t seen the traditional sized model yet here is Calavera


And You can pick up the Halloween grab bag for $49.95 that has over $100 worth of random Breyers inside. The Breyers are not Halloween themed but it does offer good value.


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Giant Spirit Horse

Check out this giant Spirit Riding Free horse that really eats carrots!!

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Dreamy Duende


Today is very exciting for Breyer Premier Collection Club members as the second model has been released! If you have not seen Duende take a look at this gorgeous new mold from Breyer:

“Duende is a Pura Raza Española stallion, also known as the PRE or Pure Spanish Horse. Originating on the Iberian Peninsula, the PRE’s eye-catching combination of grace and power created an athletic and versatile horse that excels in most disciplines, but is best known for dressage. This Premier Collection exclusive release was sculpted and originally painted by artist Mindy Berg, and features a dapple grey coat with realistic shading, detailed eyes, and a flowing mane and tail. Duende is standing collected, showcasing his deep chest, roundness of body, and the PRE’s classically beautiful head. Duende means the mysterious power of art to deeply move a person. Having seen the name in passing, Mindy knew it was destined to be a name for one of her sculptures. Speaking on the meaning of the word Duende, she said, “It’s all that an artist can ever wish for their piece to do.””

90185HD-Duende-Banner3 90185HD-Duende-Banner4 90185HD-Duende-Banner5

He is only available to Breyer Premier Collection Club members. I can’t wait to see this guy in person. I love everything from his coat color, eye color, pose, mane and tail style.



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Jaguar Horse

Check out a new Breyer horse decorator! This is Java and he is a black jaguar horse, part of Breyer’s “Big Cat Series.”

java1 java2 java3

“Fifth in the Breyer Big Cats Series, Java is a stunning panther. Panthers can be either black leopards, found throughout Africa and Asia, or black jaguars, found in South America. Melanism is the genetic term for the gene that causes the black variation. Jaguars are distinguished by spots within the circles in their coat pattern; leopards do not have this. Java is a black jaguar, and his breathtaking coat reflects an extensive spotted pattern.  He will draw you in with his amazing coloring and golden green eyes!  He features the Limited Edition Breyer Big Cat Series pad print on his belly in black”

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Pony of the Americas Test Piece

Check out another exclusive one of one Breyer model! I LOVE her!!

testcwp2 testcwp3

“The Cantering Welsh Pony is an all-time fan favorite.  Athletic and cute with her braided mane and tail, she’s come in a variety of colors through the years since her debut in the 1970s.  This freehand bay leopard appaloosa pattern is a test run created in the last five years.  She sports a pink muzzle, striped hooves, bi-colored eyes and the CHESS mold mark on the inside right hind leg. She’s in top condition with no visible flaws.  Her pretty painted coat is truly unique! “

testcwp4 testcwp5

“Exclusively for Breyer Collector Club members! Breyer test run models are initial decos painted up to see how a particular color might look on a particular sculpture. Or, they may be created to test out a painting technique or new colorway. Not all test run models are used, and they may vary over time as different painting techniques are developed and tested. Test run models are sold as is, with several photos and descriptions of any wear. We’ve decided not to attempt to touch up older test runs as we’ve found that this can alter their character and uniqueness. Each model has a fixed price and interested members enter a random draw for the ability to purchase the test piece. We enjoy sharing these special pieces with you and hope you enjoy them!”


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Spirit Riding Free Season 2

Are you ready for more Spirirt Riding Free? Season 2 is back on Netflix starting today! Watch the sneak-peak trailer below for my reaction on the new season:

Breyer is also giving away a free Spirit Riding Free poster with purchase of $10 or more from their Spirit line too 😀



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Vintage Club Horse Family

vintage classics1

Get ready to meet 3 new classic sized horses from Breyer! Its the Paint horse family! This set is exclusive to the 2017 Breyer Vintage club.

“Introducing the Classics Paint Horse Family! The Fourth Release in the 2017 Vintage Club. The Classics scale Paint Horse Family beautifully depicts the regal and gentle all American breed. Sculpted by Maureen Love and originally released in 1974, the family has been a collector favorite from day one. Despite their age, the sculptures are still among the best representations of the foundation style breed on the market today. They come in a vintage style carrying case just like their original counterparts and feature true-to-life modern overo patterns, sure to appeal to fans both new and old!”

vintage classics2

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