Valentines Day Gab Bag

Wondering what is inside of the 2017 Valentines Day Gab Bag? Check out the video below 😉 You get $100 worth of random Breyer items for $50. What did I get in my box?


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711260_Saffron-2 711260-Saffron_1-Web

Here is the first Breyerfest 2017 special run model! It’s Saffron and he is a stunner!

“Saffron is a minimal splash Paint in yellow dun on the Geronimo mold (#733), which was first released last year as a part of the 2016 Premier Collection. Saffron has leg bars and a majestic dorsal stripe and his coat has a bit of a pearly-sheen. Our first BreyerFest Gateway to India Special Run model has a touch of the iconic golden-yellow color and lives up to his namesake.”

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Copperfox Model Winner


It’s time to announce the winner of the Copperfox Cadno Freebie!!! The random winner is…….Youtuber “Horses Forever”!! Yay !!Please claim prize by emailing me at ___ through the same email you entered in with at within 5 days so I can get the freebie horse mailed out to you (if you are under 18 have an adult message me the address).

Thank you to everyone who entered in. There were over 700 entries! I have lots more horses to giveaway so don’t forget to keep checking back for more freebies. Thank you for being so awesome! I’ll see you in my next video!

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America the Beautiful series


Breyer is doing a America the Beautiful series for 2017!

“A series of Breyer horses celebrating the places that make America so spectacular. From deep, dry canyons to soaring snow capped mountains, to rolling hills and plunging waterfalls, these beautiful horses will encourage you to explore. Enjoy a wide variety of beautiful horses celebrating our country’s amazingly diverse landscape. Each model to feature a custom designed logo on its belly!  “



“First in the Series: Rainier. The highest mountain in the Cascades, Mount Rainier sits high above the booming city of Seattle, Washington. This ice-topped mountain is an actual active volcano area! Rainier’s patchwork coat invokes the image of a snowy glacial mountaintop contrasted with dark volcanic rock. His sturdy draft build, ice blue eyes and silver horseshoes add to his beautiful detailing. He is marked Rainier 2017 on his belly in gold.”



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Spirit Riding Free

Breyer is coming out with some new horses celebrating the new Netflix series Spirit Riding Free, a show inspired by the Spirit Stallion of the Cimmeron movie.

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Breyerfest Sneak Peek

Here is the first clue Breyer has released about one of the new Breyerfest 2017 horses. Can you tell who it is?


Is that a new horse on the Geronimo mold? We will find out in a few days 😀

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DIY Breyerfest Horse


Check out my custom inspired by Sokkar the Early Bird Raffle Model. Enjoy:

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CopperFox Horses

Check out my collection of the wonderful Copperfox model horses from the UK. These super special models are beyond awesome each with so much detail and charm. They are on sale until 2/4/17 at so now is the perfect time to add a new model to your herd.

I would love to share Cadno the Connemara Copperfox model with one lucky fan.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You must be 18 or older to claim the prize. Freebie winner (or parent) must email me with the same email winner entered with within 5 days after freebie ends to claim prize. Your Youtube or Instagram name is how winner will be announced in a Youtube video and/or on blog. I will pay all cost to ship Freebie gift to the lucky winner. Winner will be announced the following day.

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Siberica’s Baby Foal

Don’t miss the last webisode of Foaling Fear where we meet Siberica’s new baby foal.

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Wind Dancers Winner

Alright the random winner of the 12 Wind Dancers is…….MissPonyTails!! Yay !!Please claim prize by emailing me through the same email you entered in with at  within 5 days so I can get the freebies mailed out to you (if you are under 18 have an adult message me the address).

Yay mini fans! Don’t forget to keep checking back for more freebies. Thank you for being so awesome! I’ll see you in my next video!

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