Black Friday Sale

Collector Club members get to shop early for Black Friday!

Breyer Black Friday 1 Breyer Black Friday 2 Breyer Black Friday 3 Breyer Black Friday 4 Breyer Black Friday 5 Breyer Black Friday 6 Breyer Black Friday 7 Breyer Black Friday 8 Breyer Black Friday 9 Breyer Black Friday 10

Breyer Black Friday 11 Breyer Black Friday 12 Breyer Black Friday 13

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Breyerfest 2018 Free Horse

Okay here is the reveal of the new Breyerfest 2018 Celebration model! Meet racehorse Brass Hat! He is free with every 3 day Breyerfest 2018 ticket. I LOVE him!

breyerfest 2018

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2018 Breyer Horses

Check out what models are coming out in 2018 from Breyer:


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New Mare and Foal Breyer Horses

Check out the newest from Breyer:

Carina and Selene are the Third Release in the 2017 Premier Collection.


“Introducing Carina & Selene! The Third Release in the 2017 Premier Club. Carina & Selene’s coats were inspired by the variety of colors Lipizzaners displayed early in the breed’s history. Appaloosa, piebald, shades of bay, and palominos are seen in historical works of art depicting Lipizzaners, such as the paintings of 18th century artist Johann Georg de Hamilton. Carina has a flaxen liver chestnut semi-leopard appaloosa coat, and her filly, Selene, has a bay blanket appaloosa coat. Both feature rich shading and detailed eyes. Their sculptures embody the power, awareness, and carriage inherent to the Lipizzaner breed. Each model is painted by hand, making each a unique work of art to be cherished for generations.”

Rosalind and Rigel web specials.


“Only the pure of heart are given the opportunity to witness the mythical Unicorn! Imagine wandering through a heavily wooded forest, the smell of moss and bark around you, sunlight streaming to the forest floor through the trees, highlighting tiny flowers in yellow, pink, and white. A babbling brook captures your attention. You look up, and there she is: Rosalind, a dreamy cremello unicorn mare, with a shimmer to her cream-colored dappled coat and an accent of gold in her singular horn. You touch her velvety muzzle in greeting, and around her side emerges Rigel, a strapping young colt with a proud expression and confident blue eyes. He’s breathtaking. Am I dreaming?”


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Clydesdale Horse Heart

Le’t play the new version of Horse Heart Roblox and play as a beautiful Clydesdale horse.

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Here is a sweet DIY treat for you to try on your own or just enjoy watching while eating Halloween candy.

DIY Glow in the dark Dollar Tree skeleton horse:

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Breyer Halloween

Get into the Halloween Spirit with Breyer and go on a tour collection of my Halloween horses with spooky details and that glow in the dark!

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Zoomer Show Pony

zoomer 1 zoomer 2

Zoomer the Show Pony acts just like a real horse. Check out the review video on her:


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Which Do You Like?

fletcher 22

Breyer is releasing the new 2018 Collector Club exclusive model Fletcher in two different finishes: matte and glossy? Which do you like? I think I like the matte version a little bit more.


fletcher mat


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Breyer Halloween Grab Bag

I have the new Breyer Halloween Grab Bag surprise box filled with over $100 worth of Breyer goodies! What did I get? Check out the video below 😀


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